Built & Sourced in Minnesota

Setri Barrel Saunas are handmade by our family. With over 45 years of carpentry experience, we provide our customers with meticulous craftsmanship and quality for your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

Setri Barrel Saunas Are Built To Last

Reinforced Construction

Every piece that goes into our saunas are quality and reinforced to be durable and last.

Meticulous on the Details

Our craftsmanship is all about the details; from the roof to floor all the way to the drainage system.


Ventilation is installed in every sauna we build.  It provides circulation of fresh air while keeping the sauna to temperature, reducing C02, as well as keeping rain out.

Roofing System

Our roofing system is unique.  It features side flairs for rain to run off, durable base, shingles, and weather stripping to protect your investment.


It is our mission to ensure quality to our customers.  We inspect all of the materials and work before and during the build as well as a final inspection.  We are always here for our customers as they deserve the best - before, during and after your purchase.

Made in Minnesota

Our saunas are built here in Northern Minnesota with locally sourced materials.

Saunas Provide You Many Health Benefits

Help Your Body Rid Itself of Toxins
Alleviate Pain and Reduce Inflammation
Promotes Weight Loss
Plus Many More

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