Peaked Roof

Add-on option to give more character and aid in preventing rain and other outside elements from entering inside when door is open.


Add-on option that helps keep the dirt out and adds a touch of flare.

Porch with Seating

Add-on option with extension of the barrel design with bench seating, not shown.


Providing circulation of fresh air while reducing CO2 and keeping the outside elements out.

Roofing System

Unique sauna roofing system featuring side flares for rain to run off, durable base, shingles and weather stripping to protect your investment.

Base & Drainage System

Maintain the wood's durability from interior moisture and keep rodents out!

Custom Minnesota Made Wood Sauna Stove

The perfect wood sauna stove with rocks to regulate the temperature and allows you to produce steam for additional health advantages.

***Finlandia Electric Stoves available, ask for pricing

Stove Feed From Exterior

For convenience and to help keep heat in and dirt out, our customer Minnesota made wood stoves are fed from the outside of the sauna.

Rustic-Styled Hinges & Towel Hooks

Rustic-styled hinges with a powder coating to protect the door's structure and reduce rust as well as hooks for towels and robes to be hung up and avoid clutter.

Spring Door Latch

Latch to assist with keeping the door closed tight.


Windows are incorporated in the front and back of the sauna to provide lighting and character with detailed window framing and etched glass on the door.

Plus a lot more fine craftsmanship!

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